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Introducing one of keystone paintings in Canvas Prints which was part of the 10 year series of racing yachts and one-designs.  Exhibited at the “Of Ships and the Sea Exhibition” at Greenwich Workshop Gallery back when they carried original art in 1984. Purchased by private collectors. Original was 24×42 on canvas.



  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics see table it takes $2.57 to buy $1 buying power in 1984.
  • The historic annual inflation rate is 3.5%

In the marine Art market now, a Mature artist’s work, such as myself, is going for $35,000 for a large piece. Young artists are now selling in regional markets at $15,000 for a large works.

I have valued these works based on what I would sell them for now, based on size, original price, young artist versus mature artist, and counting for the inflation rate and weak dollar.
It averages 6.4% increase in price per year - the 3.5% inflation rate devaluing the dollar = 2.9% gain in price based on experience and resume.

Canvas Prints, February Blast, Of Ships and the Sea Featured Painting in the Marine Art Exhibition of Greenwich Workshop Gallery. Restless Dreams is part SORC Race circuit circa 1984 Yacht Portraits, a painting of a Ondine during the winter SORC races. Exhibited at Greenwich Workshop Gallery in the Of Ships and the Sea Exhibitions, while Graham Stiles was director and they were selling original art. Ten years of painting every one-design races in existence at that point also exhibited at the Mystic Maritime Gallery, Grand Central Galleries in NYC and and Annapolis Marine Art Gallery. Portraits also included everything from the smallest Penguin to the largest America’s Cup Yachts. For special requests contact us through this site.

Fine Art Canvas Giclee, available Small size 12x24
made to order by the artist
printed in permanent pigment inks on archival canvas.

Made to order giclees are printed on demand with the highest quality materials by the artist.  Deborah wanted to keep control of her quality of materials and the reproduction of truly beautiful colors.


Deborah is a long time professional artist who has lectured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on color and plein air painting and has exhibited her works in museums worldwide.  For more information about the artist see her online exhibition history and About the artist Section.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 34 × 21 in

12×24 canvas print, 24×42 original oil


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