Abstract Marine Painting, Vagues contra les Roches, Chapin

Private Collection, Sold Original Oil Paintings Archives. vagues contra les roches, abstract marine, Deborah Chapin

writeup Vagues contra les Roches (Wave Against the Rocks) is a pure abstract marine painting, painted on location (plein air) in Brittany France. I can paint a larger abstract marine from the plein air piece upon request. I did over 50 paintings in this particular section of the coast line of Brittany from small to…

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Oil Painting Demonstration Videos, Surf Deborah Chapin Gallery

Private Collection, Sold Original Oil Paintings Archives. Morning Mist, 12x16 plein air oil, Brittany series, Deborah Chapin. Exhibited at National Arts Club

video on plein air painting This piece was filmed in execution, a curious nordic type stood on one of the rocks behind me the entire time was painting this in 40 degree weather, and he’d been swimming… I’m wearing wool hats and windbreakers over sweaters and he’s standing there in his swimsuit and cap. Just…

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Plein air Painting, Au Soleil, Painting, Abstract marine

writeup Painted on location (en plein air) this plein air painting is an abstract marine of surf, sunlight and rocks. I stood and the bottom of this cliff in a hollow knowing it would be a little wet because I was fascinated with the dancing lights of the surf. I had to work quickly to…

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