Books by Deborah Chapin

This book covers a host of painting techniques for the beginner to the professional who paint on location. Depicting nature while totally immersed in nature can be a challenge but this book helps you think about how to maximize your work and opportunities. Taking lessons from Monet to Sorolla I have worked in the field for 30 years. I am giving you the benefit of a myriad of experiences from painting florals to painting storm paintings of seascapes on location. Profit from my experience and give yourself a leg up. Paint with confidence in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of subjects.
This book is the Exhibition Catalog for the Earth Sea and Sky Virtual 3D exhibition as well as a selected story of private collections and exhibitions throughout the 40 years I’ve been in Art. Works in the show are culled from my private collection, this exhibition of select works of plein air painting, some exhibiting for the first time, some having been in museum exhibitions, and various one person exhibitions, but not shown together from different regions and eras. The 2nd half of the book is a collection of stories of Private Collectors works and Exhibition Stories. Works are available for purchase through the links under information with each piece in the exhibition. The E-Book has links to videos, websites and PDF materials in addition to the exhibition
This book of artists is a 9×7.   A compilation of 15 professional artists tell the role of painting en plein air (on location) in their work. Selecting 3-5 key paintings each these artists described their careers and the role that plein air painting has played in their work.  Made to Order on Demand.

Collection of Works Painted From the Smithsonian Live Butterfly Exhibition. Now available “Smithsonian Butterflies”, paintings and cards by Deborah Chapin (Hardcover link below) miniature 7×7 format. I did a series of cards for Neiman Marcus original and digital art available. Available in Hardcover and softcover versions with premium paper special orders available. Book includes the collection of paintings and related Butterfly Cards 78 pages 7×7 hardcover, explanation of the development of the project, descriptions and writings about the art and the live butterfly exhibit.