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  • Stephanie Deshpande is a professional Portrait Painter who’s exhibited extensively and risen quickly with her talent.
  • Camille Przewodek is a seasoned veteran as a Plein air Painter and has been an independent artist for 30 years.
  • Janice Hindes is a plein air painter who has created a remarkable Art Center and Gallery for top artist in San Antonio Texas.
  • Nancy Boren is an award winning Western painter know for her paintings of people in motion.
  • Susan Lyon (coming in September)  is a renown Portrait painter and World Traveler with her husband Scott Burdick

Deborah Chapin – Host

Click here to listen to Why Debbie’s Doing the Podcast ​Part of the reason I started this podcast was to provide a mechanism for people to share what’s happening in their market and why it’s working for them​.  Giving other people ideas to help inspire some of those who are having struggles to move forward and to keep trying and to also improve the market place in general. ​  ​ To bring everybody up to a level of understanding of what marketing means in the new age of technology and how they can improve what they’re doing in order to make it work better for them. As time goes by I feel that some people will think that they have everything down and working and then all of a sudden it won’t be working for them so this exposes all those various groups of people to the possibilities of how to market and how to improve what they’re doing. It is a long-term project and I think that we have till 2025 until 95% of the population is buying and selling online right now it’s only at 27%, so this is a huge shift coming in how are you market and how you do things​,  It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be doing things in the brick and mortar world it’s just that the inception, contact and development of your marketplace will be virtual​ and ​ become more integrated with the brick and mortar world. That’s how I see it. For example the idea of doing the AR portfolio or the augmented reality allows interior designers and decorators to show your work on a wall to a client without having the painting there, but in a virtual reality this opens up new ways of displaying your work and getting the word out about your work and gives a tool to those people who would like to sell your work along with their services so it works for all parties concerned. Also​ some might think that they don’t know that​ they want to tell other people what ​they’re doing. But I say that even if we’re doing the exact kind of marketing to the exact same group you’re going to ​appeal  to one type of collector and I’m going to appeal to another type of collector and there’s very little overlap especially if you’re truly an original. ​  The likelihood is that the groups that we access through our marketing will be totally different so the idea of how to do the marketing can easily be shared just because you’re not actually Marketing to the same people. There are 378​ some odd million people in the United States alone. So there’s no way that one artist can supply that ​a​mount  to all of those people even if only 1/10 of 1% buy. ​ ​And there is no way that those people are all going to be ​all ​alike in their tastes, their appreciation of art and like the same type of art.

Painting on the coast Diben

Stephanie Deshpande

Camille Przewodek

Janice Hindes

Nancy Boren

Susan Lyon