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July 18, 2019

I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine,  a Video Exploration Log Painting Maine’s Coast (VELP-ME).    I am super excited to launch and start growing this community of patrons.   I’ve loved water my entire life.  From fishing, competitive swimming and sailing to just watching the ocean as a professional artist.    Living in Maine will give me a unique perspective that is difficult to come by just visiting I’m building my studio and following my bliss I never know where it might lead….

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Maine Art, Morning Light, Pemaquid Point at Dawn, by Deborah Chapin

June 18, 2019

Writeup Maine Art, Pemaquid Point, collector’s art, “Morning Light”, 12×17 oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin. “Morning Light”, is the first piece I’ve done off Pemaquid point for the Maine Art Portfolio.   I’m in the process of working on an idea of capturing the catspaws off the coast,  A contemporary painting idea and I’m…

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This Week's Update here  in Maine: I've filmed a time-lapse of my most recent piece.... currently editing.  I've started the VELP-ME project,  and opening up a channel to my Patreon Page with my first post hopefully broadcast here and onto my Patreon Page.

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Morning Light, 12x17 oil on linen canvas, Deborah Chapin

Maine Art, Morning Light, Pemaquid Point at Dawn, by Deborah Chapin

By Deborah Chapin

Writeup Maine Art, Pemaquid Point, collector’s art, “Morning Light”, 12×17 oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin. “Morning Light”, is the first piece I’ve done off Pemaquid point for the…

Attention New Updates

Because of the VELP-ME project (Video Exploration Log Painting Maine's Coast) start up (starting this summer),  I will be making some changes in my method of updating here on my website.

You will see announcements like this one which summarizes what I am doing, This will be posted on my website here and also on my newsletter.  Additional notes and videos postings from my Patreon Page will be posted as a page under Maine Art category.  Some of the Videos will be available.


  • Introduction Patreon - Chapin Studio Logs on to Patreon

I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine,  a Video Exploration Log Painting Maine's Coast (VELP-ME). I am super excited to launch the Patreon Chapin Page and to start growing this community of patrons.  I've loved water my entire life. ...My journey to Maine has followed many trails but everything coming together only confirms my belief that I am doing what I was meant to do.  My work has been seen in magazines, museums/galleries and auction houses all over the world.  It has often been a bumpy ride, my paintings have managed to travel to more ports of call than I have but I've enjoyed it all.  I have combined my passion with many other subjects and I love sharing beauty with the world.  Join me.  PS...This week I’m trying out the time lapse filming of a small painting off the point.  Editing small clips here. All will be up on the Patreon Page  for the public till I’ve worked out all the kinks.  #maineart #maineartist #bristolme #pemaquidharbor #pemaquidpoint #seascapes #pleinairartist #pleinairpainter
  • Just a side note:  The story of America can be summed up in my family:

My great grandfather from Ireland at one point lived in Texas and was moving a herd of sheep but ran out of money.  He went to the local bank and got a loan to finish the move to market.  He did and paid back the bank. The bank invested in the future of the community as well as the man and took the risk to make it happen. 
Three generations later when I was moving to Maine the seller tried to sell my house (that I currently am in) to someone else on my way up to Maine .  All my life’s work was on the truck without a home to go to.  My broker risked her own $ and consigned the house to buy herself holding it until I could move my 95 year old mom and my self up.  Today I’m happy to say we’ve been in 1 year to the new house in Maine. 
This is the true backbone of The American story.  One person can always make the difference.
  • The unexpected always happens just about the time you think you’ve figured everything out. This morning the rollers were great but fog rolled in and obscured the light.  Still fairly dramatic. I apologize for the clicking sound that’s the camera trying to focus in the fog.  If you want to see a full screen version and the whole film that will be available later on my website.  #mainemarineart  #deborahchapin #pemaquidpoint #VELPme #seaandsurf #searollers #maine_igers #maineisgorgeous #coastalmaine

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2018 Studio Build in Maine

I put together a little photo journal of the progress in the studio build 2018.  It's amazing how fast this year went by and how much has changed but I am so looking forward to being at the easel again and  working on my 2019 Plans For more info see the latest news see my Notes from the Studio


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Painting Gallery of Deborah Chapin

This is my online Painting Gallery and my New Studio / Gallery in Bristol connection.   Plein Air Paintings, Marine Art, Expanded Nature/Underwater Portraits in the next phase of my career will be announced on this site.

I have always pushed my art to the next level.  I want to improve upon what I have already done.  It is for this reason that my work has evolved over the past 39 years through so many subjects.

I am building my new brick and mortar studio gallery and opening it to the public.   If you would like to more info and be kept in the loop as we build, contact the Studio here and subscribe to Patreon Page

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