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Notes From the Studio April brought the first sign up for a workshop in color this summer, The studio build continued with gravel and stone work and the painting of the studio walls began.
Gravel and Stone Gallery Entrance ~ Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge
Gravel and Stone Gallery Entrance ~ Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge
I had a metal worker  make me a sign and going to be commissioning a second one for the road.
Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge Gallery Sign
Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge Gallery Sign
I also joined the PAPME and the Damariscotta River Arts which I am hoping will reve up to speed my painting projects in the Month of May.   Already discovered more painting sites and we've had some early spring snows slowing down the outside progress of thaw and planting but Spring will go by fast.   Anyone who wants to volunteer for planting duty drop me a line 🙂  The work load is daunting but I know that the end results will be worth it.   Check out the newest information on my home page notes from the Studio at http://gallery.deborahchapin.com

2018 Studio Build in Maine

I put together a little photo journal of the progress in the studio build 2018.  It's amazing how fast this year went by and how much has changed but I am so looking forward to being at the easel again and  working on my 2019 Plans For more info see the latest news see my Notes from the Studio Below


Est 1980


Painting Gallery of Deborah Chapin

This is my online Painting Gallery and I will soon introduce New Studio / Gallery with new Plein Air Paintings, Marine Art, Expanded Nature/Underwater Portraits and Contemporary Fantasy Portraits in the next phase of my career.

I have always pushed my art to the next level.  I want to improve upon what I have already done.  It is for this reason that my work has evolved over the past 37 years through so many subjects.

I will be building my new brick and mortar studio gallery and opening it to the public as soon as is possible.   If you would like to more info and be kept in the loop as we build, contact the Studio ASAP and subscribe to our latest News

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