Below is a list of FAQ Available for those who are considering buying artwork.  Simply Click on the + sign and it will open to that section.

Can I buy on installments

Yes, I offer a layaway plan of 3 payments usually over a period of 6 months.  You could also divide that into installments of 6.

PayPal will issue you a payment notice on the agreed upon schedule and once the final payment has been made I pack up and ship out the painting.

How do commissions work.

I work on a 3 stage commission program.

the first is a meeting to agree up on the size, price and subject matter of the work and any other possibliities needed to complete the work.

The first payment is due upon the initiation of the commission.
the 2nd payment is due upon the acceptance of the initial draft copy of the work and subject matter layout
the 3rd and final payment is due upon the complettion of the work. Can I see the work in my home

Absolutely if you live in the mid coast region of Maine or alternatively you can use the AR viewer for the work to be seen virtually on the wall of your home.

Are your prints going to fade


I only have prints made out of real pigment inks or pigment paints. These are not dime store quality prints in dyes. Dyes are fugitive (ie fade with light hitting them on a wall) my inks are actual pigment inks which means they are archival printed on archival (rag) papers.

The education of the market on what is being offered should be clear on each shop however consumers should ask if the prints are printed in pigment inks because most printers don’t use pigment inks.


What should I consider when buying art

Top considerations:

  1. Do you like the painting.  If you do then 95% of your decision should be about that.
  2. Look at the exhibitions and publications of the artist’s resume.  Understand that not all exhibitions are equal.  A top level museum exhibition or association carries more weight than a regional museum.  An International exhibition is broader than a national exhibition.
  3. How long has the artist been working on the market.  Experience should count because your after the long game in the arts.  There are many excellent women artists who have not received the same opportunities as their male collogues, this means that the market place is under representing women in collections which as we all know that means the market is ripe for a sweeping change.




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