French Art

Abstract Marine, Meanders of the Sea I by Deborah Chapin

For 7 years I painted in France exploring different regions, and coming back each year to sell the art that I had created. I started with the Bourgogne Region and painted the area in and around Pouilly-en-Auxois, I painted in the Haute Alpes de Provence and stayed in the village of Sault, I painted each year starting in 1993 the Givery Region and gardens and stayed with friends in La Roche Guyon, I also painted in Brittany from 1993-1998 and Stayed in and around the region of Plestin-Les_Greves. This period of my life and work was very rewarding and perhaps some of the best work of my career of Marine Art, which I hope to challenge with my work in Maine’s coast.

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