Les Vagues (the waves)-abstract marine art- waterscape- Deborah Chapin


This abstract marine art painting was painted on location is a large plein air oil.   The subject is an abstract marine art or waterscape.   A short video was filmed while I was painting in Brittany doing a large abstract marine, 21x34 oil painting on linen canvas.


lgmarinethumI was just experimenting with an approach to painting rocks and foam as well as cropping the viewpoint down to a close up view eliminating the horizon line, making it a pure abstract waterscape. Getting my toes wet and trying out the new toys here not trying to make a film so no intro or titles, no voice over etc.... just a short documentary silent film from the perspective of a hiker along the path.    Contact Us About A Piece please include the title in your subject line.
Abstract Marine are a study in pure line and color, can be ranging from a coastal with rocks and surf to an out to sea seascape with nothing but water and no horizon line. I have been painting these paintings since 1990 and love the form color and shush of the water. Water is and will prove to be one of our most valuable natural resource as the oceans are constantly changing I intend to continue painting this viable and lively source of subject matter. Contact Us About A Piece please include the title in your subject line.