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Maine Art Studio Saga ~ June 2019


As part of the Maine Art Studio Saga this Past Month: Maine Art New Studio ~ WIP New floral paintings in the works ~ Log of work Starting May 26th

Just trying to catch up on the online news…. It is hard it seems these days to decide which painting to work on or should I catch up on the garden, oh and what about finishing the studio… Such great weather is a mixed blessing.  Well I’ve been doing some floral pieces the beginning of this week,  Well this one is all done but the shouting. Have to tweak a spot or two in the background. Now to find a frame for the show at the #riverartsme #membershow in #damariscottamaine #bristolmaine continued….WIP I’ve never really thought of tulips as good painting material but I’ve changed my mind  these parrot tulips are just exquisite. They have two tones one is the exterior tone and one is on the interior. So I’m doing a set of these. I worked on the blossoms and then I’ll go back and do the leaves because I think that the blossoms will change and evolve. All pieces are 12×17 size canvases that I had on hand. Yesterday it was overcast and started to rain ☔️ it’s been raining ever since so just snagged part of one piece.  I’ve discovered a couple of things 1. these tulips start turning black as they age and so they become new tulips and  2. when it is chilly or when it’s going to rain they close up.  They are so beautiful and I’m just beginning to scratch the surface. I want to do a larger piece similar to the Siberian’s that I’ve done before and believe it can be done. They are supposed to bloom 2 weeks so crossing my fingers. I also am starting a marine …. uh ohhh. Playing hooky from finishing the drywall of the studio I think. #maineart #fineart #maine_art#oilpainting #midcoastmaine#mainecoast #newoilpaintingstudio#newgallery #midcoastmaine#newbristolstudio #riverartsme#bristolmaine #pleinairpainter#pleinairpainting#damariscottamaine #papme#floralpainting #blackparrottulips#springgarden #maine_igers@deborahchapin
Continued Start of Larger piece:
Well the first two are sketched in on the larger piece that I want to do they all decided to open up at once, of course. So it paid to do a little preliminary work to get the hang of it. You’re never sure if you’re getting it or not you just pitch in there and hope for the best. I’m going to try to do two more before the light changes too much. Had this 24 x 36 canvas ready to go with the background already dropped in which was nice, figure out if I want to keep it that color not later oh my. Another beautiful spring day and we predict to have four straight days with this weather. Have to drop off my paining today as well at #riverarts So busy day.
#maineart #maineartist #deborahchapin #floralpainting #pleinairpainting#pleinairpainter#contemporarypainting #parrottulip #papme #springinmaine #mainelife#maineart #maine_art continued with Large Piece adding more blossoms refining the shapes and tones and developing the piece.
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