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Introduction Patreon – Chapin Studio Logs on to Patreon with VELPme Project ~ ~ Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin

I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine,  a Video Exploration Log Painting Maine’s Coast (VELP-ME).    The launch of the Patreon Chapin Page will start to grow this community of patrons.   I’ve loved water my entire life.  From fishing, competitive swimming and sailing to just watching the ocean as a professional artist.    Living in Maine will give me a unique perspective that is difficult to come by just visiting I’m building my studio and following my bliss, I never know where it might lead.   About 29 years ago I started getting really interested in plein air painting and combining that with my love of painting water, so I gave it a shot and I was hooked big time!   After 3 years of trying to move, and 39 years of wanderings I am beginning my journey of Maine through the eyes of an artist  venturing into video hoping to capture the soul of painting the sea in Maine…   My journey to Maine has followed many trails but everything coming together only confirms my belief that I am doing what I was meant to do.   My work has been seen in magazines, museums/galleries and auction houses all over the world.  It has often been a bumpy ride, my paintings have managed to travel to more ports of call than I have but I’ve enjoyed it all.   I have combined my passion with many other subjects and I love sharing beauty with the world.

Samples of what I started with for Patreon Chapin Page

Dawn on Pemaquid Point, Deborah Chapin VELPMe (Video Exploration Log Painting Maine) from Deborah Chapin on Vimeo.


The Reasons Behind the Page:

Now we enter an age where Patrons have tools to support the individual artist as never before, and artist enter an era where tools of communication have advanced to a new levels.  Patreon is the next generation of crowd funding and is THE way to actually support the arts.  This project will evolve as we go and expand in all types of ways I know as we follow the muse through Maine.    These days, we have so many options…Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Facebook…and I feel a bit scattered and lost.   I want to focus my efforts on a single place, and give it my all.   The idea is to really share what I do and what I love.    Your suggestions are always welcome, I will be making a list of ideas and projects to explore so feel free to contribute.

How it Works ~ What we’ll be doing:

Patrons can subscribe to Patreon Chapin Page and watch paintings develop and explore the coast of Maine with me.  See the sunrise over the horizon, see the coast in all types of weather and seasons.   Explore coves, inlets and islands from land and boat.

I’ll be exploring Maine as I did France, over the years and logging the exploration as I go. I just wish this technology had been available to do this back then because I hiked the coast, sat on rock ledges and rocky beaches in storms to paint in France, and sat on the deck of pitching trawlers in Australia!   I would like to take you along through the discoveries and paintings as they evolve here in Maine.  As I go exploring the villages and coasts, with boots on the ground and exploration by boat I will expanding what I am able to explore as the project and support develops.   Discover Maine through the eyes of a professional artist with 29 years of doing this type of thing.

Flashback Fridays:

See some of the archives of videos I took the hard way with SVHS films (low res) in Flashback Fridays.   You can see all this as it unfolds from the comfort of home and participate as your choose. This seems to be the way to share these explorations.

Clip from Smithsonian American Art Museum Talk – Sea and Surf en Plein Air by Deborah Chapin from Deborah Chapin


I Hope you’ll join me as I discover Maine. I have four levels of participation.  Each painting will be available for sale at the end of the project and collectors  can join by purchasing a large painting from any of the projects.  Bear with me while I learn the ropes of Patreon and videoing in 4k or UHD as I work out the kinks.

PS if you have a question DM me on my Website, or Instagram

The Past Present and Future

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    I will be adding a supplement to the foggy day video, just seeing if I can clarify it a little.

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