Pemaquid Point at Low Tide, oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin

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Pemaquid at Low Tide, oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin, Maine art, Pemaquid Point Rocks, Seascape , marine art, marine artist

“Pemaquid Point at Low Tide”, is a Maine art piece aiming toward painting a moonlight painting in the Fall.  Available through the Studio at $1600, 16×16 oil on linen canvas.   It is part of my VELPme project (Video Exploration Log Painting Maine’s Coast).  This painting shows Midcoast Maine in one of its many moods, this one being a calm late summer evening as the full moon watch began.   There was a crowd of people ready to drink in the moonrise just a little after sunset.  The next moonrise will take place coincidentally with the sunset.    This is not my first moonrise piece.  I have done at least two other paintings,  one from a plein air series that I did in Black Water’s wildlife preserve, and another I did from a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming.  See moonlight paintings below:

About the Process:  I like to paint several smaller paintings, working myself up to larger work, as I learn the subject matter.  Gradually developing a portfolio which expresses the full character of the place.   Pemaquid Point is no different to than one of my favorite haunts in France.  It must be explored and appreciated and allowed to seep in at it’s own pace.   I am not a slam bam thankyou…. kind of artist.  I think deeply and like to delve into the nature of the place,  learning the nooks and crannies and developing a deep appreciation of its beauty.   I have never been someone who thought a cursory look at someplace even counted as having seen something, even as a tourist.   I went back many times, and stayed during long visits of a month or more exploring the culture, the history and the people of a place.

This series of plein air and studio paintings are new work added to an already extensive portfolio of 40 years of art.



Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin in Maine:

Part 2 of the composition for a moonrise piece. I’m working on a piece a little earlier in the evening. Learning the rock subject matter in the process from the lookout position. When I attempt to do a live piece on location the next moonrise opportunity I want to have a clear plan ready to go.
Again I’m estimating September 12th. If you’re in the area and want to join me check out the details on my homepage, use the bio link and scroll down to moonlight story or click on the button to see me paint light.
The on location painting will undoubtedly be different and by then I should know the subject pretty well. @deborahchapin


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So…. a couple of days before September 14th I think the sunset and the sunrise coincide.

September 10th Sunset 7:02pm EST Moonrise 5:39pm

September 11th Sunset 7:00pm EST Moonrise 6:12pm

September 12th Sunset 6:59pm EST Moonrise 6:40pm ding ding ding we have a winner **** high tide not optimal at 11pm 9.5 feet domage but because it will be building still may get some good wave action…. I will do my first attempt on this evening weather permitting….

September 13th Sunset 6:67pm EST Moonrise 7:06 pm ding ding ding we have another opportunity here is at 11:45pm this is a second painting opportunity.

September 14th Sunset 6:55pm EST Moonrise 7:29pm

September 15th Sunset 6:53pm EST Moonrise

September 16th Sunset 6:51pm EST Moonrise

September 17th Sunset 6:49pm EST Moonrise


Notice: I’m going to attempt to paint on location a piece that I am going to practice up for right now and undoubtedly it will come out much different because of the lighting and coloring present on the day. Weather will also play a factor… but I have always done well with this method of seeking a particular trifecta if you will. Tide will also be a factor. Join me if you can at Pemaquid Point.


About the Artist: My Online Studio is an extension of my studio. When you enter you are entering my studio but without the housekeeping. I offer fine art in original oil paintings on linen and also canvas prints of favorite original pieces. Most of my originals in the past 20 years have been painted en plein air ( on location) I have lectured and made film presentation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, exhibited at the Louvre, and museums through out the world see by exhibition history at Deborah Chapin’s Website Studio
The next 30 years I expect to be doing a combination of unusual water portrait work and collector’s favorite, my beach scenes with people. If you have questions feel free to ask.
For more information see

Exhibition History ~ Deborah Chapin

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