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Wave Art Surf Painting White Horses of the Sea 5 by Deborah Chapin Painting of Stormy Seas at Pemaquid Point Maine Art
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Maine Art by Deborah Chapin. The latest Sea & Surf, Coastal Art and Wetland and Woodland Paintings from Maine by Deborah Chapin

Become Inspired ~ Bring Nature into Your Home:

Greetings, on this site you will find original oils, metal photo prints, drawings and lithographs by Deborah Chapin.  Subjects include the Maine Coast and Sea & Surf , Woodlands and Wetlands and Florals.Visit my Stoneridge Newsletter and Nature Videos see Big Screen Video Page or Classes for Kids to get up to date.  Use the menus above to find works of interest or see the latest additions in the sliders below.  Want the information to come to you sign up for newsletter below.Book a In-Home Viewing:New this year, I am accepting appointments now by Interior Designers and Home Owners in Maine for in-Home viewing of Art.  Simply select the artwork that you would like to see and contact my studio through this website for an appointment.  I bring the artwork to you so you can then place it in the location you have in mind and see how you like it in the space.

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