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  • "Part of the One-Design Racing Series. Exhibited at Grand Central Gallery in New York in individual exhibition Clear Air and Snug Harbors. This yacht was an international One Design. During the war the construction jigs were buried to protect them during the Nazi occupation."

    A State of Independence, Exhibited at Grand Central Gallery, International One-Design

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  • Restless Dreams 24x42 oil on linen by Deborah Chapin, Marine Art, Exhibited at the Greenwich Workshop Gallery, sold to the John Nuveen

    Nautical Art, Restless Dreams, Original Painting by Deborah Chapin

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  • Marine Art Painting and introducing Canvas Prints, February Blast, 24x42 oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin

    February Blast by Deborah Chapin, Marine Art, Puzzle, Of Ships and the Sea Featured Painting

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  • Exhibited in the San Diego Maritime Museum, Carnegie Museum and the Greenwich Workshop Gallery, available in limited quantities.

    Gunsmoke Blue, Nautical Art, Giclee Print on Canvas

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