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Did You Know Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting:
  • in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375?
  • in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625?
  • in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783
This doesn’t account for anything but the value of the $ and nothing added for a lifetime of professional experience and worldwide exhibition history. About the VELPme Project About the VELPme Project

Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge


Introduction Patreon – Chapin Studio Logs on to Patreon with VELPme Project

I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine,  a Video Exploration Log Painting Maine’s Coast (VELP-ME).    I am super excited to launch the Patreon Chapin Page and to start growing this community of patrons.   I’ve loved water my entire life.  From fishing, competitive swimming and sailing to just watching the ocean as a professional artist.    Living in Maine will give me a unique perspective that is difficult to come by just visiting I’m building my studio and following my bliss, I never know where it might lead.   About 29 years ago I started getting really interested in plein air painting and combining that with my love of painting water, so I gave it a shot and I was hooked big time!   After 3 years of trying to move, and 39 years of wanderings I am beginning my journey of Maine through the eyes of an artist  venturing into video hoping to capture the soul of painting the sea in Maine…   My journey to Maine has followed many trails but everything coming together only confirms my belief that I am doing what I was meant to do.   My work has been seen in magazines, museums/galleries and auction houses all over the world.  It has often been a bumpy ride, my paintings have managed to travel to more ports of call than I have but I’ve enjoyed it all.   I have combined my passion with many other subjects and I love sharing beauty with the world.

Samples of what I started with for Patreon Chapin Page

Achive Notes

~ Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin Studio & Garden @ Stoneridge

This Week’s Update ~ Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin in Maine:

As you may have heard we had a storm surge from a tropical storm just about the time the full moon was suppose to be coinciding with the sunset…. darn… November? maybe… maybe we should switch to storm painting… now there’s an idea, a nor’easter went through with winds clocking 85 mph… which knock out the electricity so… here we are just getting back on track..

a little bit of stormy weather… film at 11

deborahchapinfineart’s profile picture
Construction phase of the studio is done for the year, I hope, and concentrating on the #Chapinstormpaintings I have been working on ideas and there are a lot.

The above was a movement study I did which started off the concepts I’m working on. More soon, adding this ⛈ portfolio to my website under:

#MaineArt and #Seacapes and #Surf

Amazing this year has flown by.  Thankfully I still seem to be cogent.

#whitehorses #stormyseas #seascapepaintings #motionstudy #midcoastmaine #deborahchapin
I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine. Over the next 25 years (hopefully) I will create the video exploration log painting Maine coast (VELP-ME). I’m super excited to launch the patron Chapin page and start growing this community of patrons… My journey to Maine has followed many trails but everything coming together only confirms my belief that I’m doing what I was meant to do. My work has been seen in magazines museums/galleries and auction houses all over the world. It is often been a bumpy ride and my paintings have managed to travel to more ports of call than I have but I’ve enjoyed it all. I have combined my passions with many other subjects and love sharing beauty with the world, join me on my exploration of Maine. This whole video is available for viewing on additional material will be added. #mainemarineart #deborahchapin #pemaquidpoint #VELPme #seaandsurf #searollers #maine_igers #maineisgorgeous #coastalmaine


2nd attempt at painting the Moonrise at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

2nd attempt at painting the Moonrise at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse starting October 10th- 13th/15th weather permitting etc…

Moonrise over Pemaquid

So We’re gearing up again for another Moonrise Painting. This one the Hunter Moon …..AHHHOUUUU !!!!

The Moon is full this month October 15th I believe and again I am going to try and catch it before the sunset or coincidental. This month however, I’m taking the approach of the outdoor studio technique working up the piece over a series of similar days with the final part of the piece going in on the best moonrise date. I’m working out the composition now so hopefully all will go well and I will post updates here.

This Week in Maine~ Painting Moonrise (hopefully) September 12th

5 min color sketch painted as the Moon rose over Monhegan by Deborah Chapin

5 min color sketch painted as the Moon rose over Monhegan by Deborah Chapin

Moonrise off Pemaquid Point, 12x17 plein air oil, by Deborah Chapin

Study of color and effect painted off of Pemaquid Point, Plein Air Painting started before sunset, First attempt at painting the Moon over the Sea.

Going back in October for a more complex piece. I probably will attack it differently In the mean time here are some of the video clips which I took while painting the Harvest Moon…. next month the Hunter’s Moon….
As some of you may know I’ve been working toward doing a moonlight painting on location at Pemaquid Point on September 12th… Towards that end I have been going through and doing different perspectives of the views from the point towards the location of the full moon off Monhegan Island. The goal is to capture the special light transition to moonlight from sunset.
I have actually done this before though not so publicly. To see the piece as a whole you’ll have to see my website click on  (see moonlight paintings). Anyway, I now have two more pieces up on my website of moonlight paintings from other locations.

I’m getting that queasy feeling in my stomach, they kind you have before you go for an interview or meeting in-laws.  I’m wondering what the ocean will have for me on the day I attempt to paint the moonrise at Pemaquid Point.  Wishing I could broadcast live because I have this feeling it could be quite humorous for the viewer… at any rate, anyone who does show up for the day will probably find it quite amusing…  I’m thinking that I’ll do another 16×16 since that size gives limits but also allows for the horizon line to be placed. Of course it could be foggy or raining… at which point I’ll have another shot in October.

1) “Moonlight in the Deep Woods” from the Jackson Hole Wyoming area at this time of the year
2) and another “Moonrise” which was painted en plein air (on location in October) and exhibited at the “Arts for the Parks” exhibition. You can see the linking pages off of the front page of my website also
You can also keep track of new paintings available in this genre through The other moonlight pieces are available at my gallery or online through the Pemaquid at Low Tide as well.
The piece I hope to paint on location at Pemaquid the next full moon on September 12th will coincide with the sunset and I hope to video record it’s creation as well… if all goes according to plan :-). Hope you can join me as I derusticate PS As a personal note: I began painting at the extremes of the day because that is when I could take off to paint because of care taking duties but it has proved to be a most rewarding time to paint.

– #Maineart
#seaandrocks #SeascapePainting #marineart
#seascape #rockandsurf

Notice: I’m going to attempt to paint on location a piece that I am going to practice up for right now and undoubtedly it will come out much different because of the lighting and coloring present on the day. Weather will also play a factor… but I have always done well with this method of seeking a particular trifecta if you will. Tide will also be a factor. Join me if you can at Pemaquid Point.


1st of August I stretched a new canvas for a seascape .  Trying out another longer painting that with fit the composition I decided upon for the commission idea.   In the meantime…. I processed another video clip and added a little something.  Let me know what you think.  It’s only 1:46 minutes long and it still won’t fit up on Instagram.  So I’ve embedded here and on the  VELP-ME project, on my Patreon Page we’re still free experimenting, and learning… more later check my Patreon Page

Pemaquid Point in the Fog by Deborah Chapin from Deborah Chapin on Vimeo.

I processed a short video clip and added a little something. Part of my VELP-Me project and making lemonade out of lemons been a lot of fog this summer.

Lazy days of summertime. Gives me ideas for seascape paintings. Maine Art, Bristol Maine, Pemaquid Point, Deborah Chapin ….

<strong>Part 2 of the composition for a moonrise piece.</strong> I’m working on a piece a little earlier in the evening. Learning the rock subject matter in the process from the lookout position. When I attempt to do a live piece on location the next moonrise opportunity I want to have a clear plan ready to go.
Again I’m estimating September 12th. If you’re in the area and want to join me check out the details on my homepage, use the bio link and scroll down to moonlight story or click on the button to see me paint light.
The on location painting will undoubtedly be different and by then I should know the subject pretty well.

September 17th Sunset 6:49pm EST Moonrise


Deborah Chapin’s Marine paintings have a long exhibition history starting with American Society Marine Artists in 1980 at the now defunct Grand Central Galleries in NYC.   As an Independent artist since embarking on her career she has exhibited extensively in top shows and Museums including: Grand Palais and Carrousel de Louvre in Paris with the Societe National des Beaux Arts, Mystic Seaport Gallery International since it’s inception in 1982, Of Ships and Sea Exhibits at Greenwich Workshop Gallery,  Artist of America Exhibitions Colorado Historical Museum, Ketterer Kunst Auctions, and Lectured on plein air painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum just to name a few.    All this was accomplished without the aid or support of galleries, art groups or spouse.   At the time of her debut she was one of two women in the national exhibitions of Marine Art.   See more information    She now resides in Maine and is working on a new portfolio of work and commission paintings for select collectors in her private studio/gallery.  

Plein air Painter Deborah Chapin painting on Maine's Coast

Deborah Chapin on Maine’s Coast

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