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  • Plein air painting oil, Original Oil, "Moonrise", by Deborah Chapin This plein air oil painting was painted on location and exhibited in the 2007 Arts for the Parks exhibition. Moonlight is a favorite subject.  Painted on location at Black Water Wildlife Preserve Chesapeake Nation Park, Exhibited in the top 100 of the 2007 Art for the Parks .

    Plein air Original Oil Painting, Arts For The Parks, Moonrise, by Deborah Chapin

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  • Chapin Studio Gallery @ Stoneridge interior decor blue and gold art, Moonlight in the Deep Woods by Deborah Chapin

    Original Oil Painting, Moonlight in the Deep Woods, by Deborah Chapin

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  • Wetland Painting Icing Up by Deborah Chapin

    Wetland Painting, Icing Up, Plein air painting oil by Deborah Chapin

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