Book of Water -Intro Water Portrait by Artist Deborah Chapin

writeup Introduction: 2015 will be the third year of working on my newest portfolio of Water Portraits and to date unseen works.  It has been slow going… but it would be misleading to say it only took me three years to arrive at this point.  I’ve not been one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to…

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3- Contemporary Realistic Art, Water Portraits, “Ethereal” by Deborah Chapin, Hair Portrait Underwater

Contemporary Realistic Painting portrait in underwater portrait painting Stage 5 final finishing stages of painting Ethereal - Deborah Chapin

writeup Contemporary Realistic Art, Water Portraits, Underwater Portrait Painting Series- “Ethereal Moment” 24×34 oil on linen, by Deborah Chapin Scroll up to See Portrait Develop This is the third piece in the series of Contemporary Realistic Art, Water Portraits entitled “Ethereal Moment”. Definition e·the·re·al extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect…

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2- Series of Contemporary Art in Book of Water – Underwater Portraits Beginnings

Art Gallery Portfolio, verticle Underwater Portraits: Finished Portrait ~ Cameron Break Through by Deborah Chapin

To continue  this portfolio began in this series of Contemporary Art with underwater portraits of Cameron portrayed here in the liquid mirror. See “Break Through” 16 x 24 inches, oil painting.   A young, enthusiastic swimmer  Cameron has an effervescent presence.  Cameron was a particularly pliable subject since she was so comfortable making underwater portraits.  She had no problem…

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