This Week in Maine, I'm starting my VELP-ME project,  slowly upgrading the equipment and getting up and running this year....
this morning's exploration:

Attention New Updates

Because of the VELP-ME project (Video Exploration Log Painting Maine's Coast) start up (starting this summer),  I will be making some changes in my method of updating here on my website.

You will see announcements like the one above which summarizes what I am doing, This will be posted on my website here and also on my newsletter.  Because I have not yet figured out how to do this automatically you'll just have to wait through the process of posting until things are updated.   Additional notes and videos postings from my Patreon Page will be posted below.  This message will be available until everyone has got the hang of things including myself.

Art Gallery Portfolio, verticle Underwater Portraits: Finished Portrait ~ Cameron Break Through by Deborah Chapin

2- Series of Contemporary Art in Book of Water – Underwater Portraits Beginnings

By Deborah Chapin

To continue  this portfolio began in this series of Contemporary Art with underwater portraits…


  • This morning I happened on this Snug harbor.  Bugs fierce in a couple of places. We’re having Rain tomorrow so will be working on the studio.  Have to do some organizing. 
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  • going around the little places locating them on my maps for future ref.  Still don’t have my new camera. This week I hope. 
#bristolmaine #deborahchapin #sunrise #Muscongusbay#maineisgorgeous #themainemag #VELPme
#maineartist #seascape#coastalpainting 
#mainecoast #midcoastmaine#maine_igers #maineart
#newengland #newgallery#newbristolstudio #papme #marineart @deborahchapin
  • Took a walk through the lupins at Round Pond.  It could be a nice setting in the right lighting.  I’ve found a couple of locations that various land trusts have preserved.  Opportunities to contribute.  It’s a start.  Hunting for the walk along the coast.  I’ll try to find the video that I took in a Flashback Friday along the coast of Brittany so you can understand what I mean.  #mainecoast #mainemidcoast #midcoastmaine #walksalobgtgecoast #velp-me #deborahchapin #pleinairpainter #pleinairpaintings #velpme

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2018 Studio Build in Maine

I put together a little photo journal of the progress in the studio build 2018.  It's amazing how fast this year went by and how much has changed but I am so looking forward to being at the easel again and  working on my 2019 Plans For more info see the latest news see my Notes from the Studio


Est 1980


Painting Gallery of Deborah Chapin

This is my online Painting Gallery and my New Studio / Gallery in Bristol connection.   Plein Air Paintings, Marine Art, Expanded Nature/Underwater Portraits in the next phase of my career will be announced on this site.

I have always pushed my art to the next level.  I want to improve upon what I have already done.  It is for this reason that my work has evolved over the past 39 years through so many subjects.

I am building my new brick and mortar studio gallery and opening it to the public.   If you would like to more info and be kept in the loop as we build, contact the Studio here and subscribe to Patreon Page

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