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Progress Shot 2 Pemaquid Point Surf Watcher by Marine Artist Deborah ChapinVideo not specified. Please select one to display.

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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse drawing demonstration for "Art Teaches That" Series for kids leaning to draw


New Pay What You Want Offer 

Now through November 10th Early Birds have an opportunity to buy the drawing series “Art Teaches That”  and/or the drawing of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse for a Christmas Gift for their Kids or Grandkids at a Pay What You Want Price.  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Charcoal Drawing Original “Pemaquid Pilot” by Deborah Chapin.  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was a demonstration drawing I did as part of the “Art Teaches That” Drawing Series ( ) and drawn on Strathmore paper for the kids to demonstrate perspective drawing, shading and development of subject matter. Kids seem to have a ball at the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and I learned something too. All good things Charcoal drawing and pastel on Strathmore paper 18×24 paper size.  Feel free to share with your friends.

About Pay Your Own Price: Pay What You Want Pricing is about paying what you can Afford to allow people New Art or in Lower Income to participate in the Art Series and enrich their children’s lives.   It is also possible to support the program production by paying more.  Available for teachers at home or in the classroom as well. More Info about the drawing series and complete lesson plan: To Purchase the charcoal drawing:

To buy the series:

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