Art, Studio, Gallery by Artist Deborah Chapin

New Artwork going up on our site, and the art portfolios are being organized.  We’re making progress, I’ve uploaded two segments of original paintings and couple of lookbooks, videos … See the latest news to the left of this box, or watch the slide show behind by clicking on the {-} just next to the title.  (watch the video on how to navigate for more info)  I’ve waited so long for the ability to integrate all the visual elements that go into making up the story of painting en plein air and the artist’s career.  The first website I put up on the web was in 1990-91.  I’m going to finish two more segments of paintings and begin the photography and organization of the files of the art.    I’ll try to incorporate the video and logs from very long journey of original paintings!

Art, Studio, Gallery by Artist Deborah Chapin

Featured: Original Paintings

Original Art: Beach & Surf Paintings

  • Master Artist Deborah Chapin, seascapes, marine paintings, beach scenes and landscape gallery,

    Carolina Coast, painting, seascape, coastal

    This painting will be exhibiting at the Hyatt  Chesapeake
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  • Morning Surf, 16x34 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin

    Morning Surf, original oil painting, Outer Banks, Carolina, surf painting

    This painting was painted on Carolina’s outer banks, a
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  • At Dawn, 30x40, plein air painting, painted on location by Deborah Chapin

    At Dawn, painted on location, France, Deborah Chapin

    This is a large painting, 30×40,  which I painted
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  • Venusula Beach, painted at dawn, 24x42 plein air oil

    Venuzula Beach, 24 x 42 plein air oil, Deborah Chapin

    Painted at Dawn Venuzula Beach was a challenging subject,
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  • Roches Rose, 21x34 plein air oil, Brittany Series, Deborah Chapin

    Rose Roches, plein air oil painting, Brittany, Deborah Chapin

    Painted very early these rocks are deceiving, someone walked
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  • After the Storm, 21x34 plein air oil, Brittany Series, Deborah Chapin, painted on the Brittany Coast. Exhibited at Mystic Gallery, Mystic Seaport Museum

    After the Storm, Beach Scene, Painting, Coastal

    After the Storm, is a 21×34 plein air oil
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Original Art: Seascapes, Abstract Marines

  • Morning Mist, 12x16 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin Part of Video Series of paintings painted on location in Brittany see You Tube video at

    Onsite Demonstration ~ Surf Painting

    This piece was filmed in execution, a curious nordic
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  • Vagues contra les Roches (Wave Against the Rocks) is an abstract marine painting,  painted on location (plein air) in Brittany France. I did over 50 paintings in this particular section of the coast line of Brittany from small to large pieces over a period of seven years in France among other coastal pieces. I particularly loved painting the abstract marines which was a study in color and line.

    Vagues contra les Roches, Abstract Marine, Deborah Chapin

    Vagues contra les Roches (Wave Against the Rocks) is
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  • Meanders of the Sea, painted on location, Brittany France, Deborah Chapin

    Meanders of Sea 1, coastal painting, art, painting on location

    Meanders of the Sea 1 is a 20×30 plein
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  • Vagues (waves) study for larger painting by Deborah Chapin

    Vague Study, Painting, Abstract Marine, Seascape

    This piece was one of several that I did
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  • Painted on location (en plein air) this painting is an abstract marine of surf, sunlight and rocks. I stood and the bottom of this cliff in a hollow knowing it would be a little wet because I was fascinating with the dancing lights of the surf.

    Au Soleil, painting, plein air, abstract marine

    Painted on location (en plein air) this painting is
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This is the new Original Art, Studio, Gallery.   Pieces in this Studio Gallery are for sale.  There are also a select number of canvas prints.  The Format has changed and I will be adding my new original paintings here since it allows for an adaptable intensive visual presentation .  To navigate  use the menu at the bottom, select a category, select an individual piece on the thumbnail sliders within the original paintings, navigation is the same throughout, the canvas prints are still the same.   I’m still uploading so this will take sometime as I will be photographing and uploading writing etc, but I have finally settled on a format at last so progress is named 2014.  See my latest Newsletter under the Contact and Info link on the menu. You can use the [ -] sign at the corner of this box of writing to reduce this box to just the title to view the slides behind and I will post a new video on navigating the site probably this week.  For more information about purchasing please contact me directly .

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