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Going through a UBS report on the art market I’m finding this (see below) which means to me that the behaviors of the elusive collectors probably won’t be peeping out into the real world again until fall. Sort of what I figured when I heard some of the higher end B&Bs are saying they have rooms for July 4th. So my marketing online is my best bet.  41% of them are buying online now so this is a trend up.   I also read another report that 90% of the marketplace will be online by 2025. Which is  really sort of scary considering it’s only 20% right now.

When it comes to those who bought art at online fairs, 41% of high net worth (HNW) collectors surveyed did so, with 45% reported making one through an art fair’s online viewing room. 68% of HNW collectors would be happy to attend a fair by the end of Q3 2021, and over 80% into Q4.

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