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Marketing Art Post Covid (MAP-C)

Podcast Host Deborah Chapin and Guests

​Part of the reason I started this podcast was to provide a mechanism for people to share what’s happening in their market and why it’s working for them​.  Giving other people ideas to help inspire some of those who are having struggles to move forward and to keep trying and to also improve the market place in general. ​  ​ To bring everybody up to a level of understanding of what marketing means in the new age of technology and how they can improve what they’re doing in order to make it work better for them. As time goes by I feel that some people will think that they have everything down and working and then all of a sudden it won’t be working for them so this exposes all those various groups of people to the possibilities of how to market and how to improve what they’re doing. It is a long-term project and I think that we have till 2025 until 95% of the population is buying and selling online right now it’s only at 27%, so this is a huge shift coming in how are you market and how you do things​,  It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be doing things in the brick and mortar world it’s just that the inception, contact and development of your marketplace will be virtual​ and ​ become more integrated with the brick and mortar world. That’s how I see it. For example the idea of doing the AR portfolio or the augmented reality allows interior designers and decorators to show your work on a wall to a client without having the painting there, but in a virtual reality this opens up new ways of displaying your work and getting the word out about your work and gives a tool to those people who would like to sell your work along with their services so it works for all parties concerned. Also​ some might think that they don’t know that​ they want to tell other people what ​they're doing. But I say that even if we’re doing the exact kind of marketing to the exact same group you’re going to ​appeal  to one type of collector and I’m going to appeal to another type of collector and there’s very little overlap especially if you’re truly an original. ​  The likelihood is that the groups that we access through our marketing will be totally different so the idea of how to do the marketing can easily be shared just because you’re not actually Marketing to the same people. There are 378​ some odd million people in the United States alone. So there’s no way that one artist can supply that ​a​mount  to all of those people even if only 1/10 of 1% buy. ​ ​And there is no way that those people are all going to be ​all ​alike in their tastes, their appreciation of art and like the same type of art.

Featured Guest

Susan Lyon talks about her Marketing and Art Passions

Podcast Artists Helping Artists Talk with Susan Lyone hosted by Chapin Studio Gallery @ Stoneridge. Susan Lyon talks about her art and career and how she markets.

Coming Up on the Podcast - Artists Helping Artists - Marketing Art Post Covid Age

Stephanie Deshpande Talks about her Zoom Class

Note: I apologize for the pixelated video… operator problem on zoom but it was a process. I had it figured out by the second round.



Camille Przewodek talks about her class techniques and the market / career

Camille goes through the then and now comparison and how she's adapted to the new marketplace.

Janice Hindes talks about her Art Center / Gallery

Podcast Artists Helping Artists Talk with Janice Hindes Chapin Studio Gallery @ Stoneridge. Janice Hindes Talks about her art center and gallery and what it means to her and her community. She has a very innovative program in a property that she has developed and refurbished over the past 5 years.

Nancy Boren talks about her Many Avenues of Marketing / Gallery

Podcast Artists Helping Artists Talk with Nancy Boren with Chapin Studio Gallery @ Stoneridge. Nancy Boren talks about her art and marketing ideas for everyone. She has a passion to see that historical women artists are recognized.

Demos and Marketing Tips

Tips for Marketing in General:

Your Website is not just an online brochure anymore.

  • Why You need to market your own work and bring your website up to par now
  • Having a custom independent site vs being on a platform
  • Creating Compelling Video of your paintings for Social Media
  • Google Placement Ads for Artists (coming soon)
  • Doing Voice Sales (coming soon)

Tips for WordPress Sites:

  • Using Beaver Builder - the easy way to build a WordPress Site
  • Using WP zoom
  • Yoast - the SEO Plugin and explanation of how it works
  • Using WHM to clean out your Server Cache and Reboot for speed.
  • Using WP zoom
  • Saving your SQL database and backup your site using FTP backup
  • Making Your website hum - Easy Ways to improve performance (coming soon)
  • How to Rank in SEO Tips for ART marketing (coming soon)
  • Making your site into an app and why? (coming soon)
  • Adding AR (Augmented Reality on your site and why it's good. (coming soon)
  • Moving your site to a new server with just your SQL database and folders (coming soon)
  • AWS available for WordPress (coming soon)
  • Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Bitcoin (coming soon)

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"Thanks so much for having me on your podcast, Deborah Chapin Fine Art!!!


Stephanie Deshpande shared Deborah Chapin Fine Art's post:
"Thanks so much for having me on your podcast, Deborah Chapin Fine Art!!! I’m looking forward to listening to your other guests! Make sure you check out “Artist helping Artists”! On Sundays Debbie talks to professional artists about how they are marketing their art in the post Covid age both online and off."

Thank you for the interview. I watched it and it looks good and I think there are a lot of good tips we put out there. 

Camille Przewodek.


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