Painting at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Painting at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens - Plein Air Days Boothbay Maine

I will be participating in Plein Air Days at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay on Saturday and Sunday. Gardens open up at 8:00 am. I am most likely to paint during the morning, because I wilt like a pansy in the heat.
check out the gardens at  I will be trying to do an Instagram LIVE during the event so if you are on Instagram check out my LIVE event on @deborahchapinfineart



The challenge

Getting to Know Me

As part of the journey through the coast of Maine, getting to know the coast of Maine and people getting to know me,  I am doing a series of LIVE on Instagram painting sessions.  I'm naturally reticent to be in front of the camera but willing to appear a little foolish as I learn how to do this.  Technology not always being cooperative and some days forgetting my words at home.

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Moon Over Pemaquid Beach by Deborah Chapin

Chapin Newsletter Update ~ Moon over Pemaquid Beach

By Deborah Chapin | March 4, 2021

This week I braved the cold weather and breeze and made a trip out to Pemaquid Beach to capture the moon. It is not always possible to plein air paint in -3 degrees and even though I was bundled up like the kids in Christmas Story it was not enough to stay out very long.…

News update from Chapin Live Online Sessions at the Studio ~ in Bristol Maine

By Deborah Chapin | February 15, 2021

Live Broadcast Sessions Wednesdays at noon – Starting in March

2021 Brochure Pemaquid Point Maine Artist, marine art, Maine Art, Deborah Chapin

Pemaquid Point Storm

By Deborah Chapin | January 10, 2021

This film and artwork is part of a series of storm pieces done off of Pemaquid Point Maine during the 2020 season.

New Directory for Pemaquid Point Artists, Crafters & Antiques on the Peninsula

By Deborah Chapin | December 4, 2020

Introducing the New Pemaquid Point Artists Directory Showcasing incredible talent and celebrating the Original Fine Artists, Crafters and Antiques of Pemaquid Point Peninsula. SEE FEATURED ARTISTS Browse What’s on the Peninsula and Preview the 2021 Season Featured Artists WIP White Horses of the Sea, Deborah Chapin, Pemaquid Point Artists. Directory of Artists on Pemaquid Point…

Catching Up

By Deborah Chapin | October 31, 2020

I have expanded my markets to not only painting but markets where my art can be utilized. New Products include Nature Videos (big screen) , Wearable Art, Metal Prints, Puzzles, Cards, and a series on art education for kids.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse drawing demonstration for "Art Teaches That" Series for kids leaning to draw

New “Art Teaches That” Drawing

By Deborah Chapin | October 5, 2020

New “Art Teaches That” Drawing.
Now through November 10th Early Birds have an opportunity to buy the series “Art Teaches That” for Christmas Gifts for Their kids or Grandkids at a Pay What You Want Price for the Art Teaches that Series and/or the Charcoal.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Charcoal Drawing Original “Pemaquid Pilot” by Deborah Chapin. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was a demonstration drawing I did as part of the “Art Teaches That” Series ( ) and drawn on Strathmore paper for the kids to demonstrate perspective drawing, shading and development of subject matter. Kids seem to have a ball at the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and I learned something too. All good things Charcoal drawing and pastel on Strathmore paper 18×24 paper size. Feel free to share with your friends.

White Horses of the Sea I, oil on linen canvas is part of the #chapinstormpaintings by woman marine artist Deborah Chapin.

Rebuttal to Art Newspaper

By Deborah Chapin | July 1, 2020

I would like to say the problem isn’t with marine art​ as a subject, it’s thriving, ​ it’s with the type of marine art market and marketing that Mystic Maritime Gallery represents. ​ ​Your photos say​​ it all. ​ ​All good olde boys and historical ships. ​

VelpME project

By Deborah Chapin | June 30, 2020

Did You Know Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting: in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375? in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625? in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783 This doesn’t account for anything but the…

Ephemeral, 24x36 oil on linen by Deborah Chapin

What is the difference between painting and photography?

By Deborah Chapin | June 29, 2020

What is the difference between painting and photography? As an artist/painter of 40 years I can speak to both sides since I have also been a photographer at the same time. To me there is a soul to painting, especially in subject with souls (by human definition)  I can look at a painting and see…

One of the premier American Women Artists of the 1980's-present,  Deborah Chapin, is starting as a mature woman marine artist with a new series depicting  White Horses of the Sea.   “White Horses of the Sea 2" at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, is original art, a Maine art piece inspired by the poem “White Horses of the Sea”

News Update ~ American Women Artists, Marine Woman Artist paints Maine Surf Paintings

By Deborah Chapin | January 4, 2020

  News Update: American Women Artists, Woman Marine Artist paints Maine Surf Paintings White Horses of the Sea Series by Deborah Chapin   American Women Artists, Deborah Chapin, Maine Artist, painting a series of White Horses of the Sea.  “White Horses of the Sea 2” is the 2nd piece from this series at Pemaquid Point…

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