Maine Saga ~ March 2019

Notes From the Studio
The begin has begun…. start of work on the new portfolio and Maine Exploration….

I have decided to treat this new adventure of painting in Maine as I would any other trip to a new location.  First I must start with research of locations.  I good old fashioned maps but apparently it is a rare thing in these parts.  I don’t like the small little maps I like the 1:24,000 maps printed out slicked up and these become my log of explorations.  So January and February while I was working on repairs and snow bound I was researching where to go and what to see first.  Oh it is so exciting plein air seascapes and coastal inlets to explore.

Maps of Maine prep for painting exploration 2019

Maps of Maine prep for painting exploration 2019




As the second front of planning I have the layout for the garden pretty much established.  Yesterday I went out and traipsed through the snow and discovered that I probably have 60-75 feet by 120 feet of planned planting area.  Without all the brush there it’s pretty large and I’m thinking I haven’t bought enough plants.  So started with a path system to layout out some of the design elements.  Oh well bump it up next year.

In the meantime, I’m making progress on the studio conversion.  It’s getting ready for the spring building, just hoping I can find the right person to do it.