Maine Studio Saga ~ January February 2019

Maine Saga ~ January February 2019 Planning the Garden

While the work on the studio build continues preparation for painting begins … dying to get it down on canvas the projects I’ve been planning

Notes From the Studio:  It’s January and the beginning of a new year.  2018 was a trial by fire and a few other things and I knew it would be a hard move so I was mentally ready and have been working very hard to get as much done on the studio and house before the new year.

This year will be another packed year and I am excited.  I’m finally getting some heat in the studio space, I think, so I can start to work even if the space isn’t remotely finished yet.  While the work on the studio build continues the checking of equipment and preparation for painting begins and I have been painting in my head furiously so dying to get it down on canvas the projects I’ve been planning…. finding the materials needed etc.


I also can’t wait to see how my experiments in the garden will work this year and am furiously laying out what remains to be planted in April using Piet Oudolf’s method of mapping outlined in the book “Planting a new perspective”.   I highly recommend this book.

Things are happening and it is a bit like waiting for a cake in the oven just waiting to see how it comes out 🙂 turning on that oven light every 5 minutes.  So far I have a host of new plants coming in.  It is amazing how many plants are zone 3-5 which is what I’m selecting from.


angelica gigas

Feather Reed Grass

In between all that I’ll be taking excursions around the coast, mapping out areas. I am planning on doing video some of which I’ll post on my Instagram during my explorations, talking to people and learning as much as I can before the earth begins to thaw.    Several collectors have made plans to visit this summer so things are cranking up.

In the meantime stay warm…