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  • Video 1 – The Legs [Starting the value study of the legs of painting “The Things With Feathers -Hope”. This a real puzzle but I’m really am loving it.]
  • Video 2 – Part 2 the Legs [ This is a little further along on the legs value drawing of the legs in the “The Things With Feathers – Hope”
  • Video 3- Part 3 [This the third video in the project of “The Thing With Feathers – Hope” , from this mornings work. Now taking a break and then things will continue.]
  • Video 4 – Part 4 [The Head – This is the 2nd Installation set of the video diary of the painting “The Thing With Feathers-Hope” by Deborah Chapin This is the upper body and head #womenpaintingwomen #womenartist #art #underwater # painting]
  • Video 5 – Part 5 [The grisaille continues,  I’m working on the upper body light and dark patterns and clarifying shapes refining as I go as the first level of drawing / painting.]
  • Video 6 – Part 6 [The basis for the pleating on the dress with the light and dark pattern defining the form for the “The Thing With Feathers- Hope” underwater painting series, women painting women by Deborah Chapin]
  • Video 7 – Part 7 [I am beginning to lay in color as you can see and I decided to put in the highest key first, I’ll let you know how that works, but I figured that since everything was going to have to work with this iridescent green might as well start with that hurdle.  I apologize for a little glare on the canvas because I didn’t realize it until after I looked at the video. The painting looks much differently in person probably because the camera was picking up that reflected light.]
  • Video 8 – Part 8 [Art Video Diary Part 8 – reflection base. The Thing With Feathers by Deborah Chapin. This a short clip simply because I used up my battery before I was able to do much video and this is just putting a base in for the reflection.    However you just missed the base foundation of the reflection and further layering of light layers in the background and working a little on the dress.
  • Video 9 – Part 9 [Worked on the neck previous was just the under sketch in umber. Just the base of the flesh color.]
  • Video 10 – Part 10 [In the video I am starting to work in the flesh colors for the face and blend in the lights and darks. For this reason sometimes the face looks like a patchwork of tones which then form the structure of the face.]
  • Video 11 – Part 11 [Next layer of broken color on the face and chest and the beginning of freckles overlay in the portrait]
  • Video 12 – Part 12 [I had several clips continuing the freckles and pushing and pulling the lights and shadows of the face until I am up to this stage. The original is a little more muted in variance of tone. Not sure why the digital camera adds more contrast but I figured the final piece will have an accurate photo.
  • Video 13 – Part 13 [I worked on the legs feet and knees today. Things that I tried which seem to be working are the use of shifting reds. I tried a cooler red in the shadows  and a warmer red in the highlights. The same was true with the yellows a clearer yellow with the highlights and a more opaque yellow with the shadows. The common denominator was the blue.  Will post this up on my video catalogue eventually.  I’m revamping the catalogue pages of my site. In the meantime will post it up on then happenings page at]

Recent Project

The Most Recent Project “The Thing With Feathers – Hope” is coming down to the deadline, so if I make it, the finishing of the piece has to happen this week.  With this piece I wanted to capture essence of that elusive airy thing (hope) floating dreamy.   Wish me luck I’m crossing my fingers and “hoping” things all work out on time.  Keeps Scrolling Down there are 13 videos so far.

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