Landscape Painting for Sale, Plein Air Series, Touching the Clouds by Deborah Chapin


Landscape Painting for Sale, Plein Air Series, Touching the Clouds by Deborah Chapin

This Landscape painting , Touching the Clouds, is a 16×24 original oil painting on stretched linen canvas.   The Egret flying over the water just skims the mirror of the sky creating concentric rings rippling through the water.   Wetland paintings from Blackwater Wildlife reserve before it’s  decline because of sea level rise. This piece shows the harmony between the wildlife and the environment.” Read More

Tips for Viewing with AR viewer: stand about 8 feet back from you wall when lining up the floor level.


Did You Know Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting:

  • in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375?
  • in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625?
  • in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783

This doesn’t account for anything but the value of the $ and nothing added for a lifetime of professional experience and worldwide exhibition history. Description Description

Landscape Painting for Sale, Plein Air Series, Touching the Clouds by Deborah Chapin

This Landscape Painting is Art for Sale from a series painted on site (en plein air ) as part of a Chesapeake Plein Air Series of pieces involving 350 pieces of art during a 10 year period, most of which have been sold.   In all the years that I’ve been painting the Wetlands and environs the characteristic I enjoy most is the reflecting sky. Somehow the breeze dies, a peace settles in and the wildlife revel in the environment.  The original is 16×24 .

About the Chesapeake Plein air Paintings:  I painted 10 years in the Blackwater wildlife Refuge.  I had continuous showings of these works each year as well as work from other locations.  Paintings included original oil paintings wetland grasses, birds of all types, and landscapes.
For more information see About the Artist

Original art are all on linen canvas and one of a kind paintings by the artist.

About the Artist: My Online Studio is an extension of my studio. When you enter you are entering my studio but without the housekeeping. I offer fine art in original oil paintings on linen and also canvas prints of favorite original pieces. Most of my originals in the past 20 years have been painted en plein air ( on location) I have lectured and made film presentation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre, and museums through out the world see by exhibition history at Exhibition History
The next 30 years I expect to be doing a combination of unusual water portrait work and collector’s favorite, my beach scenes with people. If you have questions feel free to ask.
For more information see Blue Dot Reserve

I invented the blue dot reserve for collectors who saw a painting at the show preview that they wanted to purchase, so that they could bring a spouse or friend to see the piece before purchasing.  The piece would hold for the first 15 mins into the show opening.   Blue dots were applied on a first come first serve basis.  Once the show started if someone else wanted to buy the piece the blue dot collector had the right to purchase the piece or the blue dot was removed and the next purchaser was free to purchase.  This eliminated a lot of acrimony when collectors are vying for the first dibs on paintings.

My first experience with this phenomenon was at the Greenwich Workshop Galleries shows during a “Of Ships and the Sea” exhibit when Graham Stiles was the director.   He had a number of collectors come in for an early preview for work and those collectors would be able to buy paintings during the preview.   While that’s great for the artist in the gallery it isn’t particularly fair to novice collectors who would be furious when at the opening they saw red dots.  So the blue dot eliminates this problem and everybody relaxes a little.   All is more fair and open and anyone can put their blue dot on a piece to hold it while they bring their spouse, aunt and uncle and whomever and that way they know they’re sure of their purchase.   A collector does have to buy it within the first 15 minutes of the show with a preview blue dot and collectors would come by and say is that painting being bought and if I call out and say who’s blue dot is this and they’re not there they lose out but they’ve been given a fair shot and most the time it works out really well for everybody.   Everyone gets what they need and they want and then the next round those collectors that didn’t come to the preview and put a blue dot on a piece are aware that they can do it and so then they do.


during my shows at the Audubon could also use a blue dot to hold a piece while purchasing.  it eliminated a lot of confusion and sell out shows made the artist happy.

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