artists painting of seascapes

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  • Beach Sand Painting, Sand Castles 21x34 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin

    Beach Painting, Plein air oil painting, Sand Castles by Deborah Chapin

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  • Blue Indigo, Master Marine Surf Painting, Exhibited Ketterer Kunst Hamburg Germany, SAAM Talk by Deborah Chapin.

    Surf Painting, Museum Piece, Canvas Print Blue Indigo by Deborah Chapin

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  • This Beach Painting, Beach Scene, Spring Swim is a plein air oil painted on location by artist Deborah Chapin in Brittany France.

    Spring Swim, Fine Art, Beach Scene, Original Oil, Surf Painting

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  • This is an original beach painting which was painted on location in Brittany. I focused on the fresh water run offs in my beach painting.  Kids were everywhere so I just returned when they were about and added to the scene.  This piece was exhibited in a one-person exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York.  

    Discoveries on the Beach Paintings on Canvas, Print, 21×34

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