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  • Landscape Oil Painting Deborah Chapin, "Damariscotta Winter's Eve" 2x20 oil on linen. I painted this landscape oil painting of a winter mood with a glassy reflection of the shore part of the Damariscotta harbor across the river. With a cozy harbor scene and warm lights emanating from the home it had a positively magic feel.

    Landscape Oil Painting, Fine Art, Harbor Scene, Damariscotta Winter’s Eve

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  • White Horses of the Sea 1, Woman Marine Artist, Maine Coast Art, by Deborah Chapin

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  • Marine Artist – Coastal Au Soleil by Deborah Chapin

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  • Original Oil Painting, Buy Art Online, A Day in the Park by Deborah Chapin I had a great day painting at Reid Park and painted on Griffith point. The Plein air Painters of Maine were out there but I only saw a few and they were in a different location. Big place so really unless you’re all painting at the same location you don’t see each other. 

    Original Oil Painting, Buy Art Online, A Day at the Park by Deborah Chapin

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  • Paintings, Buy Art Online, Moonset at Pemaquid by Deborah Chapin

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  • original oil painting for sale, Beach Scenes on Canvas, Morning Surf, 16x34 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin

    Paintings, Fine Art, Surf Painting, Morning Surf

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  • White Irises, Floral Art, The original painting is available, was painted on a prepared background after a rain. Large bearded white iris weighted down with rain.   Having been tossed about from the storm, continues to bloom and produce flowers on the weather worn stalks bent and twisted. Contact Us About This Piece please include the title in your subject line.

    Floral Art, White Irises, flower artwork flower paintings for sale

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