Marine Artist – Coastal Au Soleil by Deborah Chapin


Marine Artist – Coastal Au Soleil by Deborah Chapin. Painted plein air (on location) the sunlit wash of tide and rocks by Deborah Chapin. Seascape , marine art, marine artist

Marine Artist, Deborah Chapin Coastal Art with her depiction of Sea Surf and the Coast painted plein air (on location).   “Au Soleil” is original art, a Marine Art piece 


Au Soleil, 22×30 oil on linen by Woman Marine Artist Deborah Chapin See Other Coastal Pieces Below

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Au Soleil was painted on the coast of Brittany on of many pieces that I painted in this location.  It shows light dancing across the waves showing the movements of the water.   This piece is a study of tide and rocks washed in sunlight.  You can feel the sun warming up your bones.

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More News:

Maine Marine Artist Deborah Chapin is working a series of small paintings on the subject of Sea and Surf painting depicting White Horses of the Sea.  See this portfolio.

Maine Marine Artist Deborah Chapin is working a series of small paintings on the subject of Sea and Surf  depicting White Horses of the Sea.     “White Horses of the Sea 4" at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, is original art, by Maine Marine Artist Deborah Chapin inspired by the poem “White Horses of the Sea”    She is just beginning her exploration of the coast of Maine but it is not her first exploration of a coast.  Deborah Chapin has been painting marine art for 4 decades and many collectors have admired her work worldwide.   She paints complex wave actions as well as the simple wave on a beach pieces.  "I'm just getting the movements of the wave action at Pemaquid Point, she said,"  "Every combination of wave and wind and rock formations will result in different (water) actions."  Pemaquid point is proving to be a rich environment for an experienced eye, with several points of rocks jutting out, large boulders and the ability for a churning action of the water because of a drop level.  It also produces a lot of what she calls slapping back of one wave into another, it proved ideal action for the proverbial white horses.  Spits of water and foam which create the shapes of horses.  See the video clips below.

fast speed painting demo

video of wave inspiration

video of White Horses of the Sea Wave Study

About the Artist

Deborah Chapin's Marine paintings have a long exhibition history starting with American Society Marine Artists in 1980 at the now defunct Grand Central Galleries in NYC.   As an Independent artist since embarking on her career she has exhibited extensively in top shows and Museums including: Grand Palais and Carrousel de Louvre in Paris with the Societe National des Beaux Arts, Mystic Seaport Gallery International since it's inception in 1982, Of Ships and Sea Exhibits,  Artist of America Exhibitions, Ketterer Kunst Auctions, Lectured on plein air painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum just to name a few.    See more information    She now resides in Maine and is working on commission paintings for select collectors in her private studio/gallery.  


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Dimensions 24 × 18 in

22×30 oil on linen canvas buy, 22×30 oil layaway

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