See the Latest Video Explorations of Maine

Sunrise and the Sea from Deborah Chapin on Vimeo.

First attempt at a timelapse film by the sea. 4k Time-lapse film out of series at Pemaquid Point in spring.

Motion Study for storm painting by Deborah Chapin from Deborah Chapin on Vimeo.

Construction phase of the studio is done for the year, I hope, and concentrating on the #Chapinstormpaintings I have been working on ideas and there are a lot.

The above was a movement study I did which started off the concepts I’m working on. More soon, adding this portfolio to my website under: Christmas in Maine, #MaineArt and #Seacapes and #Surf

There is a coupon for those who would like to buy anything in the Christmas in Maine category November 29-January 15th

Amazing this year has flown by. Thankfully I still seem to be cogent.

Google Maps  Pemaquid Pont Lighthouse at Dawn by Deborah ChapinChapin Studio @ Stoneridge