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Contemporary Realistic Painting portrait in underwater portrait painting Stage 5 final finishing stages of painting Ethereal - Deborah Chapin
3- Contemporary Realistic Art, Water Portraits, “Ethereal” by Deborah Chapin, Hair Portrait Underwater
Deborah Chapin | 7 June

writeup Contemporary Realistic Art, Water Portraits, Underwater Portrait Painting Series- “Ethereal Moment” 24×34 oil on linen, by Deborah Chapin Scroll

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Art Gallery Portfolio, verticle Underwater Portraits: Finished Portrait ~ Cameron Break Through by Deborah Chapin
2- Series of Contemporary Art in Book of Water – Underwater Portraits Beginnings
Deborah Chapin | 5 May

To continue  this portfolio began in this series of Contemporary Art with underwater portraits of Cameron portrayed here in the liquid mirror. See “Break

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