Abstract Marine, Abstract Beach Painting, Wall Art, seascape, Plages des Blanche Roches

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This is a Fine Art Abstract Surf Painting, and original oil painting entitled “Plages des Blanches Roches” (beach of white rocks) Painted in Brittany during my 7 years of painting in France.  A beautiful Wall Art of abstract marine subject matter.



Extra Extra: From the Painting Log Presented at Smithsonian American Art Museum:

June 22 from the Log: "I just finished a larger work yesterday in a strong gale on the Baie of Dieban. It's a beach of white stones., which I thought were beautiful. I happened to get lucky the day before & spot it 2 hrs before high tide when it was in it's prime. So, I returned yesterday, it was blowing stink as the sailors say. I think 25 knots ~ anyway there wasn't a boat in sight. I had to transport my canvas separately from my easel over the stones because my footing wasn't sure and a large canvas is like a sail. With it on my back I nearly went for an excursion a couple of times. So, I put the canvas in the lee of some boulders and weighted it down with stones, and hiked my easel out to my view of the beach and set it up without extending the legs ready and waiting for the canvas. I put 6 (5-6 lb each) stones in the back box of my easel and it still rattled. I was like building a fortress of stones. Then I brought out my canvas 31 x 22 (with out much thought of how I was going to get this canvas as a wet painting back to the car mind you). Literally felt like a bird a couple of times.  Latched it down and sat down to rest, sketch and wait for the moment to paint.  It was still 2 hours off till the waves would be at their prime and the wind was whipping around so I didn't know if I would still be there by the time this master plan started to unfold.   I started with the rocks, composition etc... and 2 hours passed and I captured the piece I wanted when the waves came in. I'm pleased hoping to exhibit it in a couple of shows this fall."

This painting, an original oil painting by Deborah Chapin was painted on location in Brittany. this abstract surf painting is an original oil painting entitled "Plages des Blanche Roches" .  It was exhibited in a one person show at the National Arts Club, Published in American Artist Magazine, presented in video talk at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

This Wall Art makes a beautiful Abstract Marine or Abstract Surf Painting and a stunning center piece to any room.

About the Brittany Surf Paintings:  I painted 7 years in France from 1991-1998 5 of those included projects painted in Brittany France.  I had continuous showings of these works each year as well as work from other locations in France during this period.  I loved the Brittany coast and in particular the rugged surf and coastal pieces but also the tranquil nature of peace and rest associated with the beach.  In painting over 150 original oil paintings which included abstract marines, coastals,  harbor scenes, sandy beach paintings I also painted a significant number of scenes with people, houses and local life.

Please note that these are one-of-a-kind paintings, this piece come with a 3.5″ x3″ hardwood moon gold leaf frame, I sell my work directly to the collectors thus am able to sell at lower prices than my peers who pay steep gallery commissions. Top paintings in my collection can go for double this price and still be priced fairly in the marketplace. Please see my credentials.


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Dimensions 34 × 21 in
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21×34 plein air oil on linen canvas

2 reviews for Abstract Marine, Abstract Beach Painting, Wall Art, seascape, Plages des Blanche Roches

  1. Debbie

    Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. Best Debbie

  2. Mark Issacson

    Absolutely spectacular piece of artwork, but painting it on location makes it genius. Amazing paintings. Mark

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