Paintings, Buy Art Online, Moonset at Pemaquid by Deborah Chapin


Paintings, Buy Art Online, Moonset at Pemaquid by Deborah Chapin

This painting is an experiment to see if I could emulate something as a memory sketch of something I saw on Pemaquid Beach and I believe it worked.  Moonset  pre-dawn.  Sometimes when you paint, you just feel it’s on the right path and it’s working out like the painting in your head.  It was meant to be and it flows.

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Tip for AR View: Stand about 8′ from the wall for accurate sizing of piece and/or mask the size on the wall with painter’s tape and fit the image within the tape



Original Plein air Painting by Deborah Chapin entitled “Morning Surf” 14×30 plein air oil.

There is nothing like painting the surf on location where you become part of what you are painting. The wind and surf spray mix together with the cold morning chill all becoming part of the painting. Sometimes you are successful and have a chance to really just enjoy being alive and revel in the moment. This is one of the lessons that the wildlife demonstrates every time you go out on location. Sure there are harsh environments and bad weather days but what a thrill it is to fly along the surf on a bright summer’s morning.

This was painted on Carolina’s outer banks, a beautiful morning scene with fresh breezes and clear air.  Everyone was strolling by as I painted this piece and stopped to admire what I was doing, one of those perfect moments in time.  A painting that goes well with rustic chic, cottage style framing or elegant gold leaf.   Your choice.  This would be perfect art piece to remind you of those beautiful peaceful mornings even when the weather is not.  Contact Us About This Piece if you have questions, please include the title in your subject line.

About the Process of creating Original art:  I like to paint several smaller paintings, working myself up to larger work, as I learn the subject matter.  Gradually developing a portfolio which expresses the full character of the place.   Pemaquid Point is no different to than one of my favorite haunts in France.  It must be explored and appreciated and allowed to seep in at it's own pace.  I think deeply and like to delve into the nature of the place,  learning the nooks and crannies and developing a deep appreciation of its beauty.   Instant gratification is not my thing.  I have never been someone who thought a cursory look at someplace even counted as having seen something.   This series of plein air and studio paintings are new work added to an already extensive portfolio of 40 years of art.


 Contact Us About This Piece please include the title in your subject line.

About the Artist
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Deborah Chapin's Marine paintings have a long exhibition history starting with American Society Marine Artists in 1980 at the now defunct Grand Central Galleries in NYC.   As an Independent artist since embarking on her career she has exhibited extensively in top shows and Museums including: Grand Palais and Carrousel de Louvre in Paris with the Societe National des Beaux Arts, Mystic Seaport Gallery International since it's inception in 1982, Of Ships and Sea Exhibits at Greenwich Workshop Gallery,  Artist of America Exhibitions Colorado Historical Museum, Ketterer Kunst Auctions, and Lectured on plein air painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum just to name a few.      At the time of her debut she was one of two women in the national exhibitions of Marine Art.   See more information    She now resides in Maine and is working on a new portfolio of work and commission paintings for select collectors in her private studio/gallery.  

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Dimensions 20 × 12 in


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