Baudy Garden, Roses, Apricot and Pink floral oil painting, by Deborah Chapin


Baudy Garden, Roses, Apricot and Pink floral oil painting, original by Deborah Chapin

Baudy Garden, Roses, Apricot and Pink floral oil painting, by Deborah Chapin. Painted en plein air (on location). A portrait of these flowers which only captures a small portion of their personality.    Contact the Studio for more details and information


Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting:
  • in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375?
  • in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625?
  • in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783
This doesn't account for anything but the value of the $ and nothing added for a lifetime of professional experience and worldwide exhibition history.

Roses, Apricot and Pink floral painting on canvas , floral artwork, original


Roses, Apricot and Pink is a floral painting .  An original work of art painted by hand directly in the garden from living flowers.  Because the season is short and lighting moves You are only able to capture very few blossoms compared to the bounty of the garden.  These roses were painting in Giverny in the famous Baudy Garden.

One might ask why not just take a photo of the blossom.  Camera's lie.  The human eye can see a thousand times more nuance of color and lighting than the camera and even though the cameras of today are better they are no match.  Then it just becomes a matter can your skill level, energy and timing match what you see and of course the better you become the closer it is to what you are seeing.  Painting is not the same as photography and the goals are not the same.  It takes a lifetime to learn art and to gain the skill but sometimes the results surpass your expectations.




About the Artist: My Online Studio is an extension of my studio. When you enter you are entering my studio but without the housekeeping. I offer fine art in original oil paintings on linen and also canvas prints of favorite original pieces. Most of my originals in the past 20 years have been painted en plein air ( on location) I have lectured and made film presentation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, exhibited at the Louvre, and museums through out the world see by exhibition history at
The next 30 years I expect to be doing a combination of unusual portrait work and collector's favorite, my beach scenes with people. If you have questions feel free to ask.
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Dimensions 24 × 18 in

12×17 oil painting, canvas


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