Abstract Marine Meanders of the Sea I by Deborah Chapin


Abstract Marine, Meanders of the Sea I 24″x40″ oil by Deborah Chapin. Original plein air oil painted on site at dawn in Brittany. Colors: blue greens orange and pink. A Beautiful Abstract Marine, seen in a modern home.

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Tip: Stand about 8′ from the wall for accurate sizing of piece and/or mask the size on the wall with painter’s tape and fit the image within the tape


Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting:
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Abstract Marine, Meanders of the Sea I by Deborah Chapin original plein air oil painted on site at dawn. Colors: blue greens orange and pink

Abstract Marine, Meanders of the Sea I by Deborah Chapin original plein air oil painted on site at dawn. Colors: blue greens orange and pink.   This is a painting that was painted on location at Dawn 24 x 40 plein air painting. The objective was to capture the meanderings of the tide as it came in at Dawn and the lighting effects. Each painting that I did in this series over a period of time had different title affects different flood stages at Dawn and different lighting of course because each day is different. It’s an abstract realism painting and the essence of what I’ve tried to capture each day. An original oil painting by Deborah Chapin was painted on location in Brittany. the original painting "Meanders of the Sea I" was exhibited in a one person show at the National Arts Club.

About the Brittany Beach Paintings:  I painted 7 years in France from 1991-1998 5 of those included projects painted in Brittany France.  I had continuous showings of these works each year as well as work from other locations in France during this period.  I loved the Brittany coast and in particular the rugged surf and coastal pieces but also the tranquil nature of peace and rest associated with the beach.  In painting over 150 original oil paintings which included abstract marines, coastals,  harbor scenes, sandy beach paintings I also painted a significant number of scenes with people, houses and local life.


About the Artist: My Online Studio is an extension of my studio. When you enter you are entering my studio but without the housekeeping. I offer fine art in original oil paintings on linen and also canvas prints of favorite original pieces. Most of my originals in the past 20 years have been painted en plein air ( on location) I have lectured and made film presentation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, exhibited at the Louvre, and museums through out the world see by exhibition history at https://www.gallery.deborahchapin.com/
The next 30 years I expect to be doing a combination of unusual portrait work and collector's favorite, my beach scenes with people. If you have questions feel free to ask.
For more information see https://gallery.deborahchapin.com/exhibition-history-of-35-years-in-paint-by-deborah-chapin/

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Deborah Chapin's Marine paintings have a long exhibition history starting with American Society Marine Artists in 1980 at the now defunct Grand Central Galleries in NYC.   As an Independent artist since embarking on her career she has exhibited extensively in top shows and Museums including: Grand Palais and Carrousel de Louvre in Paris with the Societe National des Beaux Arts, Mystic Seaport Gallery International since it's inception in 1982, Of Ships and Sea Exhibits at Greenwich Workshop Gallery,  Artist of America Exhibitions Colorado Historical Museum, Ketterer Kunst Auctions, and Lectured on plein air painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum just to name a few.      At the time of her debut she was one of two women in the national exhibitions of Marine Art.   See more information    https://gallery.deborahchapin.com/exhibition-history-of-35-years-in-paint-by-deborah-chapin/    She now resides in Maine and is working on a new portfolio of work and commission paintings for select collectors in her private studio/gallery.  

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Dimensions 34 × 21 in


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