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Pemaquid Point at Low Tide, oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin

Pemaquid Point at Low Tide, 15×15 oil on linen, by Deborah Chapin, Maine art, Marine Art, Seascape Painting, Oil painting, Midcoast Maine

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Introduction to Patreon – Chapin

I’m opening up a channel on Patreon for my exploration of Maine,  a Video Exploration Log Painting Maine’s Coast (VELP-ME).    I am super excited to launch and start growing this community of patrons.   I’ve loved water my entire life.  From fishing, competitive swimming and sailing to just watching the ocean as a professional artist.    Living in Maine will give me a unique perspective that is difficult to come by just visiting I’m building my studio and following my bliss I never know where it might lead….

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Maine Art, Morning Light, Pemaquid Point at Dawn, by Deborah Chapin

Writeup Maine Art, Pemaquid Point, collector’s art, “Morning Light”, 12×17 oil on linen canvas by Deborah Chapin. “Morning Light”, is the first piece I’ve done off Pemaquid point for the Maine Art Portfolio.   I’m in the process of working on an idea of capturing the catspaws off the coast,  A contemporary painting idea and I’m…

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Les Vagues (the waves)-abstract marine art- waterscape- Deborah Chapin

This abstract marine art painting was painted on location is a large plein air oil.   The subject is a large abstract marine art or waterscape.   A short video was filmed while I was painting in Brittany doing this 21×34 oil painting on linen canvas.

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This Week in Maine~ Painting Moonrise (hopefully) September 12th

Moonrise over Pemaquid


5 min color sketch painted as the Moon rose over Monhegan by Deborah Chapin

5 min color sketch painted as the Moon rose over Monhegan by Deborah Chapin

Moonrise off Pemaquid Point, 12x17 plein air oil, by Deborah Chapin

Study of color and effect painted off of Pemaquid Point, Plein Air Painting started before sunset, First attempt at painting the Moon over the Sea.

Going back in October for a more complex piece. I probably will attack it differently In the mean time here are some of the video clips which I took while painting the Harvest Moon.... next month the Hunter's Moon....

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Other Seascapes Videos ~ VELPme (Video Exploration Log Painting Maine ~ Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin

Paintings added to the Gallery ~ Bristol Maine Artist Deborah Chapin

Discoveries on the Beach Paintings on Canvas, 21x34 plein air oil Deborah Chapin

Discoveries on the Beach Paintings on Canvas, Print, 21×34

By Deborah Chapin

The original was painted on location in Brittany.  I focused on the fresh water run offs in my beach painting that was the design elements for the subject.  Kids were everywhere so I just returned when they were about and added to the scene.  This piece was exhibited in a one-person exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York.   Original Available for $9500 contact the studio through our contact page


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Painting Gallery of Deborah Chapin

This is my online Painting Gallery and my New Studio / Gallery in Bristol connection.   Plein Air Paintings, Marine Art, Expanded Nature/Underwater Portraits in the next phase of my career will be announced on this site.

I have always pushed my art to the next level.  I want to improve upon what I have already done.  It is for this reason that my work has evolved over the past 39 years through so many subjects.

I am building my new brick and mortar studio gallery and opening it to the public.   If you would like to more info and be kept in the loop as we build, contact the Studio here and subscribe to Patreon Page

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