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Bristol Maine ~ Been working on interiors for the past week or so. Painting of a different type. I started with the most God awful colors in this house with an intense cranberry color down at the base below the chair rail and what I can only describe as dog poop color on the top part which had no relationship to the floor color or the environment through the windows at all.  Anyway Progress towards opening in May.  Vaccinations are supposed to be here by then.


Live Broadcast Sessions Tuesdays at noon - Starting in March
Anyway I am going to be doing some live sessions and I thought one of them could be on how I picked out the colors I picked out to paint my walls in relationship to my art, the views on the outside and the existing architectural features in the house like the birch floors and the cabinets I have etc.
I’m going to be doing live Broadcast sessions on a whole variety of ideas starting in March on Tuesdays at noon.  They will be reposted to my website as well, but the interaction question answer period is during the live session.  There are a lot of topics that I could cover and if you have any ideas of something you would like me to cover or you have questions about some things

My thoughts so far are:

  1. Painting wise:  plein air painting setup, subject identification, color study, basics or finishing an actual work.
  2. Visiting and finding locations: how I pick what I pick to paint. 
  3. Hanging work, laying out a show and designing a flow for the space either in your home or for exhibit.
  4. Direct Sales, where and when to find them how to market direct, side gigs for artists, marketing in the new economy.
  5. Other areas for collectors/ decor oriented clients: how to find good art, building a collection, how to design a room around art, how to integrate art into your life and how to understand color in relationship to furnishings.


you name it....Just DM me or contact me through my studio and I will add it to my list of ideas. I’ll have more detail on the live sessions later.

I’ve been contemplating doing a snow scene out back then I'm looking out for a week now and we’re gonna have some more snow on Monday and Tuesday so it might be an ideal thing to do also. I’m gonna need to do a breaking in period to actually do the live sessions so....  just has to warm up a bit.... but then there is no snow!

Stay Warm and Healthy



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By Deborah Chapin | October 31, 2020

I have expanded my markets to not only painting but markets where my art can be utilized. New Products include Nature Videos (big screen) , Wearable Art, Metal Prints, Puzzles, Cards, and a series on art education for kids.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse drawing demonstration for "Art Teaches That" Series for kids leaning to draw

New “Art Teaches That” Drawing

By Deborah Chapin | October 5, 2020

New “Art Teaches That” Drawing.
Now through November 10th Early Birds have an opportunity to buy the series “Art Teaches That” for Christmas Gifts for Their kids or Grandkids at a Pay What You Want Price for the Art Teaches that Series and/or the Charcoal.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Charcoal Drawing Original “Pemaquid Pilot” by Deborah Chapin. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was a demonstration drawing I did as part of the “Art Teaches That” Series ( ) and drawn on Strathmore paper for the kids to demonstrate perspective drawing, shading and development of subject matter. Kids seem to have a ball at the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and I learned something too. All good things Charcoal drawing and pastel on Strathmore paper 18×24 paper size. Feel free to share with your friends.

White Horses of the Sea I, oil on linen canvas is part of the #chapinstormpaintings by woman marine artist Deborah Chapin.

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I would like to say the problem isn’t with marine art​ as a subject, it’s thriving, ​ it’s with the type of marine art market and marketing that Mystic Maritime Gallery represents. ​ ​Your photos say​​ it all. ​ ​All good olde boys and historical ships. ​

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Did You Know Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting: in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375? in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625? in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783 This doesn’t account for anything but the…

Ephemeral, 24x36 oil on linen by Deborah Chapin

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What is the difference between painting and photography? As an artist/painter of 40 years I can speak to both sides since I have also been a photographer at the same time. To me there is a soul to painting, especially in subject with souls (by human definition)  I can look at a painting and see…

White Horses of Sea, newly hung on the studio wall for May 15th opening of Chapin Studio @ Stoneridge in Bristol ME

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​ Newsletter Update ~ Chapin Studio @ Stoneridge ​Well January February has been a busy ​time and lots of work but I’m beginning to to get excited about the upcoming year. First off I’m hanging my studio for the opening date of May 15th – Blue Dot preview 2 weeks beforehand. I worked on a series…

One of the premier American Women Artists of the 1980's-present,  Deborah Chapin, is starting as a mature woman marine artist with a new series depicting  White Horses of the Sea.   “White Horses of the Sea 2" at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, is original art, a Maine art piece inspired by the poem “White Horses of the Sea”

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  News Update: American Women Artists, Woman Marine Artist paints Maine Surf Paintings White Horses of the Sea Series by Deborah Chapin   American Women Artists, Deborah Chapin, Maine Artist, painting a series of White Horses of the Sea.  “White Horses of the Sea 2” is the 2nd piece from this series at Pemaquid Point…

White Horses of the Sea I, oil on linen canvas is part of the #chapinstormpaintings by woman marine artist Deborah Chapin. This depicts the white horses written about by Byron and other poets. An English lore

News Update – White Horses of the Sea Paintings Begin

By Deborah Chapin | December 16, 2019

See this Painting in the gallery at: collector’s notice blue dot preview. White Horses of the Sea I, oil on linen canvas is part of the #chapinstormpaintings depicting the white horses written about by Byron and other poets. An English lore. How many horses do you see?

Pemaquid Point at Low Tide, 15x15 oil on linen, by Deborah Chapin, Maine art, Pemaquid Point Rocks, Seascape Painting, marine art, marine artist

News update from Chapin Studio in Bristol Maine

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Latest Paintings and Photos available in the Studio Check out the latest paintings from the studio available in the Gallery.  Organized by Category I’m gearing up for the upcoming season with my latest pieces from various portfolios some are new paintings, just starting, some are photos and some are from the archives of top show…

Chapin Studio and Garden @ Stonerige. Brick and Mortar gallery/studio build in Bristol ME

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