[National Academy of Plein Air Painters members trip to see Sorolla]
article and pictures by Glen Knowles – designed and edited by Deborah Chapin

The Hispanic Society of America was built on land donated by John J. Audubon and remains today an imposing compound of classical buildings. Archer M. Huntington (1870-1955), Son of Collis P. Huntington of railroad fame, founded the Society in 1904. Archer had a lifelong interest in Spain and wished to create a permanent institution where Hispanic culture, literature and art could be preserved and made available to scholars as well as the general public. We, scholars of Sorolla were on a pilgrimage to view this greatest plein air painter and master works in historic Spanish art!
main mural room of the Sorolla Museum

Walking through the front door one enters a dark wood interior and feels that they have been transported back a hundred years arriving in Spain. The interior is architecturally rich and its Baroque decorations are well preserved. The best light for viewing paintings, natural light, fills the rooms from skylights overhead.

NAPPAP Sorolla Museum Trip

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