[National Academy of Plein Air Painters members trip to see Sorolla]
article and pictures by Glen Knowles – designed and edited by Deborah Chapin

The next opportunity we returned to the museum at opening time to see the North Gallery. Because of construction and restoration projects in progress, we were escorted by the assistant curator of painting and drawing (and we were very glad to have the guide). One had the sense that we were seeing secret places as we descended a narrow spiral staircase and walked through the underground facilities. We climbed up a staircase to reach the North Gallery. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the galleries were completely dark “ the assistant turned on one light at a time and bit by bit master works in color were revealed”

North Gallery

The North Building galleries were intimate, entirely finished in dark wood paneling with almost undetectable doors in the wall that had been designed for storage

NAPPAP Sorolla Museum Trip

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