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Weston Vermont Falls

By Deborah Chapin | Sep 27, 2017

Mid Winter painting done in 1991 en plein air in Weston Vermont. Painted on location. 12×17 Oil on Linen Canvas by Deborah Chapin

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White Water Lilies Original Oil Painting, Floral Art, Plein air painting

White Water Lilies Painting, night blooming, floral artwork canvas, museum piece

By Deborah Chapin | May 10, 2016

The  White Water Lilies Painting was exhibited at the Rudolf Schaffer Museum in Mystic CT this piece was also published in a full color catalog published by the American Society of Marine Artists.  This piece was the transition piece between the nautical artwork and my era of plein air painting…. Read More Below


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Self Portrait , Portrait Art, Charcoal Drawing, Original, “In Search of Self I” by Deborah Chapin

By Deborah Chapin | Jan 28, 2016

Self Portrait , the idea behind this drawing is the woman confronting the changes she sees in the mirror. Entitled “In Search of Self I” in that common reality of the changes in our lives and the search we make to find our new selves as we grow older and change. Part of series, sold unframed.

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Exhibited in the San Diego Maritime Museum, Carnegie Museum and the Greenwich Workshop Gallery, available in limited quantities.

Gunsmoke Blue, Nautical Art, Giclee Print on Canvas

By Deborah Chapin | Apr 7, 2015

Part of the America’s Cup Series in the first Cup race in Australia. Exhibited at the San Diego Maritime Museum, Carnegie Museum and Greenwich Workshop Gallery in a one-person show.   Gunsmoke Blue was the nick name for “Stars and Stripes”, Dennis Conners 12-meter in the 1st America’s Cup to be held out of the US.… Read More Below

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