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We're now accepting Bitcoin BTC

I’d like to make an announcement. I’m now able to accept bitcoin BTC for payment on my online studio and in house sales.   Please check out the Acadia portfolio that I’ve added to the works online as well.   
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Attention! Booking Appointments

We Are Going to Be Open by Appointment 10 am - 3 pm Daily.

First Come First Serve

Social Distancing and Masks while viewing art and making purchases in the gallery or on location for commissions

Art Gallery Chapin Studio @ Stoneridge 24 Stoneridge Ln, Bristol, ME, 04539" https://gallery.deborahchapin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/cropped-logo2019ico.jpg", business@deborahchapin.com 2404860664 https://gallery.deborahchapin.com paymentAccepted: [ "cash", "check", "credit card", "invoice", "paypal" ], openingHours: Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su 10:00-15:00 by appointment beginning May 15th "GeoCoordinates", latitude: "43.984392", longitude: "-69.534275" priceRange:"$$$

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Did You Know? That with just inflation a painting:
  • in 1982 that was sold at $600, in 2020 is worth $2375?
  • in 1984 that was sold at $2500, in 2020 is worth $8625?
  • in 1987 that was sold at $7000, in 2020 is work $21783
This doesn't account for anything but the value of the $ and nothing added for a lifetime of professional experience and worldwide exhibition history.

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