Tea Platter or Decorative Plate, Siberian Irises by Deborah Chapin

The Perfect Platter to serve cookies/biscuit or sandwiches with an afternoon tea or coffee. Just because we’re all in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the simple pleasures. This plate can be decorative but also brighten up a gloomy day reminding you of the spring garden of Siberian irises. Created from my painting of Siberian Irises, blue floral art on canvas ”I painted each blossom en plein air (on location) over several weeks as a portrait of these flowers, adding each flower as it opened, faded and died creating the composition as I went.” The Painting is available for sale at my studio site https://gallery.deborahchapin.com/shop/floral-art-siberian-blue-artwork-canvas-flower-painting/

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