Checklist for Your Website

Check List for Your Website

  1.  Speed – Check your speed with
  2. Do you have an easy method of contacting you such as text or chat?
  3. Do you respond to inquiries by your website immediately?
  4. Do you have a Newsletter Signup?
  5. Do you have an Ecommerce portion on your Website?
  6. Do you have a Google Business Page connected to your Website?
  7. Do you post regularly on you GBP
  8. Do you have a Privacy Page on your Website
  9. Do you have a means of selling through Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Play?
  10. Do you  have a body of good work which shows the painting without and Frame, in a setting with furniture to give it scale, and closeups of brushwork and detail (5-6 photos per piece)
  11. Do you have an easy method of shipping, i.e. UPS or FedEx account, USPS packaging for small pieces etc.
  12. Do you manage your email list and have it up to date how often do you send updates?
  13. Do you have a method to your social media madness?
  14. How many different types of promotions are you doing through your website.
  15. Are you advertising to your website?
  16. Have you made your website into an app and put it up on Apple Pay
  17. Do you have Augmented Reality.
  18. Do you have Google Analytics and know how to use it and understand it?
  19. Do you embed your live zoom classes into the private side of your website?
  20. Do you have an api linkup for a catalog on Pinterest?
  21. Can people buy using voice through your website? With Alexa or Siri?
  22. Simple Speed improvements using WHM and WP optimize.