Meanders of Sea 1, coastal painting, art, painting on location

Meanders of the Sea, painted on location, Brittany France, Deborah Chapin


Meanders of Sea 1, coastal painting, art, painting on location

A Coastal Painting , Meanders of the Sea 1 is a 20×30 plein air oil, painted in Brittany.  This piece is part of a series of oil paintings on the meanderings of the tide coming in on the mud flats very early morning from one particular spot.  I painted oils as large as 24×42 on stretched linens.  These pieces are nature abstracts, the color is all there I painted what I saw, the tide comes in pretty quickly as does the sun move rapidly at that time of day, but the piece would just evolve and move with the tide until I captured what I was looking for or the sun was fully up.  I have a number of these pieces and will set about to photograph them and organize them this year.  Deborah Chapin

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About the Brittany Paintings:  I painted 7 years in France from 1991-1998 5 of those included projects painted in Brittany France.  I had continuous showings of these works each year as well as work from other locations in France during this period.  I loved the Brittany coast and in particular the rugged surf and coastal pieces.  In painting over 150 original oil painting which included abstract marines, coastals,  harbor scenes, sandy beach paintings I also painted a significant number of scenes with people, houses and local life.